RHPL Community Display

Enjoy our virtual display case featuring unique community interests and stories.

Nicole Kim (Featured Artist)


Nicole is studying Art & Design at the University of Michigan. She is passionate about creating positive experiences through visual development and is inspired by her surroundings – the stories, textures, colors, and places that are meaningful to her -- transforming them into visual stories.

Transitioning to remote work in response to the COVID-19 crises produced a productivity slump for Kim. Adjusting to unusual conditions and prioritizing the health of her family and friends allowed her to gain insight into what they have been doing to overcome psychological disruptions. Their creative and informative advice inspired Kim to create these illustrations.

“I hope these illustrations will comfort those who are struggling and motivate those needing to kick-start their workday . . Allowing ourselves to rest and make sure we are in a healthy headspace is most important.” – Nicole Kim