BoB: Books on Board


Our Mission

BoB: Books on Board provides library service to people in the community who are unserved or underserved due to physical, economic, social, geographic or other barriers. The primary functions of the Rochester Hills Public Library service are to:

  • Provide information to people of all ages and abilities for their recreation, education and lifelong learning

  • Conduct stops according to the library's Stop application of service

  • Introduce non-users to library collections and services

  • Conveniently provide popular materials in a variety of formats that will increase library use and encourage a lifelong desire to read

  • Present programs that encourage use of the bookmobile and the main library

  • Support basic literacy and ESL programs

  • Increase visibility of the library and the Friends of the Library by generating a positive image throughout the entire community

BoB and Big Blue Bus stops may be canceled without prior notice in the event of severe weather or mechanical difficulties. Please contact Outreach Services at (248) 650-7150 for questions regarding service.