Inside|Out at the Rochester Hills Public Library:
DIA art installation features three stunning pieces

(ROCHESTER – July 14, 2020) The Detroit Institute of Arts' Inside|Out art installation was completed in late June at the library. As you walk the library grounds, you can now see magnificent reproductions of some of the DIA's most beloved paintings. On the wall at the west entrance is "Love Flight of a Pink Candy Heart" by Florine Stettheimer. Located in the Rotary Gateway Park is "Portrait of Postman Roulin" by Vincent van Gogh. At the entrance of the gardens on the building's east side stands "In the Garden" by Mary Cassatt. So stop by and enjoy art in the garden this summer and fall.

The library is representing Rochester Hills among communities in three counties. RHPL encourages the community to participate in the RHPL Inside}Out Selfie Challenge. Take a photo of you and/or a friend copying the pose in this painting. Use costumes or come as you are! Post the photos to social media using #RHPLInsideOutChallenge. Be careful not to touch or damage the displays. 

Learn more about the paintings and click on the titles to visit the paintings on the DIA's website. 

In the Garden Mary CassattIn the Garden
Mary Cassatt, 1844-1926 (American Artist)
Painted in 1903 or 1904
Original Painting is Oil on Canvas

In the Garden belongs to a group of pastels, drawings, and paintings done after 1900 and based upon children living in the village near the artist’s home in France. Cassatt’s practice with these child models was to use them again and again so they became accustomed to her and the demands of posing. The composition has several features common to impressionism: the high vantage point, the extension of the ground almost to the top of the canvas, the placement of the cropped figures in the immediate foreground, and the bold juxtaposition of the figures and the background.

Van Gogh Postman
Portrait of Postman Roulin

Vincent van Gogh, 1853-1890 (Dutch Artist)
Painted in 1898
Original Painting is Oil on Canvas

In February 1888 Van Gogh moved to Arles, in the south of France, and continued to paint landscapes and portraits. Between late July 1888 and April 1889, he painted at least six portraits of Joseph-Etienne Roulin (1841–1903), a postman in Arles. Here, the artist concentrated on Roulin's head, which he described in a letter as "somewhat like Socrates, hardly any nose at all, a high forehead, bald crown, little gray eyes, bright red chubby cheeks, a big pepper-and-salt beard, large eyes."

Love Flight of a Pink Candy Heart Stettheimer

Love Flight of a Pink Candy Heart
Florine Stettheimer, 1871-1944 (American Artist)
Painted in 1930
Original Painting is Oil on Canvas

One of a group of bloggers posting in support of the Detroit Institute of Arts collection, Andrew Russeth writes about Florine Stettheimer's Love Flight of a Pink Candy Heart (1930).

Russeth comments: "the more time you spend with [Stettheimer's paintings], the stranger and more interesting they get. You notice odd messages and codes that she had secreted within them. She hides inscriptions and captions in plain sight, and often includes seemingly random bits of architecture that actually have deep personal significance once you know what she's referring to (thanks to the work of some intrepid scholars). They're ideal permanent-collection works, in other words, generously repaying repeat viewings... they seem almost preternaturally confident and brave in their idiosyncratic style... Her work stands as a reminder that tidy, linear histories of modernism are simply false... in her paintings, definitions of gender and sexuality, as well as narrative and formalism, become gloriously unmoored and free-floating. They embody and promote a permissiveness that I suspect I am not alone in finding deeply comforting."


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