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Climate Change as of 2021: Simple Serious Solvable

This presentation is a science-based look at the state of the issues and impacts involved in climate change, localized in many ways to Michigan and metro Detroit. It explores a range of ideas to address the significant challenges we face, including what each of us can do.

Chris Edwards, broadcast and digital meteorologist, discusses the science, data, and the causes and effects of "freaky weather" occurrences. He will explain the polar vortex, forest fires, hurricanes, severe rain and snowstorms, the Gulf Stream, and the Great Lakes region. Shedding a positive light on the issue, Edwards also discusses plastics, carbon dioxide, electric cars, auto emissions, and provides recommendations on how we all can make a difference.

Edwards was chief meteorologist at WJBK-FOX2 for 15 years and a broadcast and digital meteorologist at WXYZ-TV for over 10 years.

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