Virtual Storytimes at Home

Now you can enjoy storytime planned by your favorite youth librarians at home! 


Family Book Discussion Kits

Inside each kit you'll find a chapter book title to read aloud together, picture book recommendations for younger family members, and discussion questions and activities to keep your family busy, together!


   From the Mixed up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler book cover. Two children with overnight bags and instrument cases walking into the Metropolitan museum of art in New York.  From the Mixed up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler


Book cover of sixty-eight rooms. A magical image of a girl inside a museum gallery. She is perched on a hand that reaches into what looks like a room in a doll's house.     The Sixty-Eight Rooms 


Gone Camping book cover. Two kids are helping their grandfather set up a tent. There is camping gear spread everywhere and a fox is about to pounce on a chipmunk  


    Gone Camping








June is Pride Month

Celebrate and show your support by reading these books!

  the boy and the bindi book cover. A boy with a crown of flowers looks out at the reader. he has a bright yellow bindi on his forehead 

Ages 5 and under 

  love is love book cover. A giant rainbow colored heart made out of smaller hearts takes up the entire cover.

Grades 1-4 


Activity Corner 

 Check out these great non-fiction titles for at home fun! Click on the cover to take you right to the book. Click on the activity to take you to a paired selection chosen by your librarian.


Backyard Scientists


    Wetland Detective










  Investigate Weather









Kitchen Scientists 



  Mentos Explosion!










   Guess the Scents










water level 

  Make a Water Gravity Level









  Build Your Own Dam








roller coaster 

  Build Your Own Rollercoaster









Right-brained Scientists


   Pointilism and Molecules








aztec cup   

   Make an Aztec Cup









  Styrofoam Prints